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From a simple fridge ornament to sophisticated mechanical devices, practical applications of the magnet are near limitless. As a trusted manufacturer of both ferrite and neodymium magnets, MAGNET Forever Electronics can realize your most ambitious designs. >>More
    1. Neodymium Magnet
    2. Neodymium MagnetNeodymium Magnet The neodymium magnet is the third generation of the lanthanon permanent magnet. There are two types, the sintered type and the bonded type. Features of the Sintered Type 1. The...
    1. Ferrite Magnet
    2. Ferrite MagnetThe ferrite magnet is a type of sintered permanent magnet composed of iron trioxide as well as a small amount of barium and strontium. This material has high anti-demagnetization performance and is offered at a low price. It is hard and brittle, so it requires special machining process to enhance its toughness.
    1. Fridge Magnet
    2. Fridge MagnetIt is highly efficient and inexpensive to attract customers with this product. The advertisement on the product saves spaces and makes life no longer monotonous. In addition, this product is a good choice for a gift or a greeting card, because it is soft and can be affixed to any metal surface.
    1. Flexible Magnetic Tape
    2. Flexible Magnetic TapeOur flexible magnetic tape for sealing has superior elasticity and it can resist demagnetization, bad weather, corrosion and migration. With smooth surface and superior magnetic property, it is an ideal part for the toys, ornaments, as well as the magnetic health products.
  • Service
  • We have professional consultants specialized in motors and electroacoustic products. Hence, we can offer technical supports regarding to the application of magnet products in aforementioned products.
    We are always responsible for the loss of our clients caused by the natural quality problems of our products. All our products are made in accordance with client-side specific requirements. If any product cannot meet your specific requirements, we will responsible for product replacement.

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